The Bad Impact of Online Games on Children

The emergence of information technology is very meaningful and very useful for everyone. Because it is an introduction to get prosperity in old age. It is evident that the upper classes have formulated information as a unifying medium for the nation. So that the disbursement of funds they get is always growing. However, several online gaming companies to online gambling are considered to have ruined the golden age of the nation’s children.

As is the case among minors who are addicted to playing online games without limits. Actually playing through online media is not a problem if it leads to positive things. But unfortunately there are many negative cases that have occurred since the emergence of the media. Various information has revealed that there will be a nation’s destruction when that generation has become a slave to online games.

The Bad Impact of Online Games on Children

And about further information. In the following, we deliberately present some of the bad effects of online games on minors. Without further ado, let’s discuss the following description together.

Lazy to study
Children who have become slaves to online games will be lazy to learn. How could that be? Because they are too engrossed in exploring games that are actually very entertaining and will never be satisfied if they are played for only 5 hours a day. The proof is that a number of new games are popping up and the fun is getting worse. While the gamers don’t care whether they have homework or important tasks at school. As a result, they are reluctant to study education.

Because certainly online games have beaten the world of education since the last few years. Not only among minors, adults to the elderly are increasingly interested in lingering with information media. The ever-evolving HP or Laptop has become the biggest enemy for parents. So they find it difficult to supervise their students every day.

Often Spoiled – Spoiled
Another bad impact that is often spree – spree. It is clear that school children still cannot think much more critically. Because when they want to play online games with all the excitement that comes their way, then the disbursement of funds is needed to pay bills according to the applicable game program. Without realizing it, they have spent a lot of money just to satisfy themselves.
The role of parents who are not too firm is very bad for their students. The proof is that today’s children have started to think adults even though they do not know what the outside world is like. Because the most important thing for them is to get massive pleasure. As a result, it can harm yourself and others.

Dark future
And the most massive negative impact is none other than a bleak future (MaDeSu). This term has appeared frequently since the last few years. Whereas all countries need the next generation that is much better than the previous leader. But what if this generation always glorifies online games? Of course, the destruction of the country began to smell from an early age.
Some governments are considered less firm in limiting the spread of online games. Because these parties always benefit from the company’s inflation. In addition, the learning process so far has not been active. Of course it will be a disaster for the life of the nation. The only best way is the role of parents who are obliged to direct their students not to become slaves to online games.