COVID-19 Delta Is Not Over, Now A New Variant Appears

The COVID-19 pandemic since the last 2 years has been at its peak. Where previously billions of the world’s population were exposed to the viciousness of the deadly virus. According to health experts, the Delta type variant is believed to have been very massive. Because all kinds of activities had to be stopped temporarily, some even permanently. As experienced by trusted online slot sites. They find it difficult to develop the world of entertainment for bettors.

According to a report, a new COVID-19 variant has emerged named Lambda. This can be seen clearly in Peru, where local residents still often observe the Lockdown period. The mutation of the virus case is quite vicious. Because until now there is still no official antidote.

Apart from Peru, there are more than 29 countries that have been infected with the new variant of the virus. The irony is that until now the cases that have happened have not been handled both medically and non-medically. The Latin American region became the biggest attack since a few months ago.

COVID-19 Delta Is Not Over

The Response of Virologists About COVID-19 Lambda
The report claims that COVID-19 Lambda first appeared since December 2020. Then the new variant of the virus spread to various other continents such as South America. Based on records, the spread of the virus has lasted more than 20%. On the other hand, Lambda is also present in 20 other countries. A number of parties are often worried about an attack that is far more dangerous than Delta.

One of the virology experts from Australia, Adam Taylor responded that COVID-19 Lambda is a new species that is still not being treated clinically. He also looks difficult because the Delta case has not been finished until now. Surprisingly, his party was unable to confirm when the virus would end. He is also trying to do more in-depth monitoring of the emergence of Lambda variants. As did Public Health England, they are also researching the type of virus in detail. Based on WHO information, last June was the first case of the Lambda variant. Unfortunately they did not find signs or symptoms that are more specific to people with the disease.

Latest Confirmation From Texas
Several hospitals in Texas, United States began to identify and confirm the presence of COVID-19 type Lambda. From April to June, the contribution of the disease has swallowed 81% of cases.
One of the Houston Methodist hospitals has reported its first case since July 19. Previously, WHO claimed that Lambda was classified as a Variant of Interest (VOI) disease. While Delta has been designated as a Variant of Concern. Medical director of diagnostic microbiology of the Houston Methodist Hospital, said: “The Lambda variant is very difficult to study. Because currently all medical teams are still focused on eradicating the Delta type of virus.

More Dangerous Than Delta
The Malaysian Ministry of Health also gave a response about the Lambda variant of COVID-19. They also considered that the variant was far more dangerous than the Delta. Evidently when this type of virus plundered India, more than hundreds of lives were lost. Now several other countries are still wary of the level of transmission of the virus. Because Lambda is believed to be very anti-vaccination or proper medical treatment. The latest WHO released that the spread began to spread to 30 countries. According to a number of health data, the activity of the spread of the virus is very vicious and fast. They also began to improve health programs so that the world’s population is free from cases, especially those who have a strong immune system. So the disease is very treatable.