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Rows of Software Application Software for Computer Devices

Rows of Software Application Software for Computer Devices – If you are a typical person who often forgets something, then try to make a diary to remember it. That way you can remember what will be done later and record all events that have occurred for sure. Now you don’t have to use a pen and a book to keep the diary. This is none other than because you can directly write your diary into a computer device, here are the reviews.

Here are the Advantages and Rows of Software Applications for Making Daily Notes on PC

Basically a notebook that is often used manually to remember something is good to use. But unfortunately the notebook has its own limitations when compared to application that is used to create reminders of certain things. This is none other than because the diary application offers a lot of interesting features in it.

Some of them are that later you can add various kinds of photos in the digital diary. Making plans to be carried out, so that what plans have been achieved can be recorded through this diary software application, of course. For those of you who are interested in making a digital diary through application that can be installed on a computer device, therefore try to see the review of the article below so that it is even clearer for sure.

1. Glimpses Software Application Software

The first software application recommendation for making a diary that you can try is none other than glimpses. Where this one note-taking software application allows you to write daily notes on the Windows operating system. It’s actually very difficult to find software application that works to keep a diary on the windows operating system.

But only with an application called Glimps, you can keep a diary on the Windows operating system without being charged or free of charge. Not only that, this Glimps application has a very attractive interface design and does not make users dizzy. Because the user interface design owned by Glances does have a minimalist concept.

That way later you can immediately make posts in the glimpses application. You can even add pictures in it too so that other people can access your own diary. Of course all of that must be based on your own permission, where later you can share links with them.

2. Paper Street Journal Application Software

In addition to the Glimps software application, you can also use a paper street journal to keep a diary. Where you can get this one software application for free to write notes every day. Interestingly, you can’t even only use this paper street journal software application on a computer.

But you can even use the paper street journal software application on a smartphone too. In addition, later the diary that you have made can be archived automatically in the form of PNG and RTF files. That way you don’t have to worry if at any time your diary software application was lost due to the uninstall process.

Not only that, in this paper street journal software application, you can later provide a password. Therefore later you don’t have to worry anymore if your diary will be read by others because you have created a password to protect it. Even in this software application, you can also search for pre-made diary keywords.

Rows of Software Application Software for Computer Devices

3. Evernote Software Application Software

Not only the two software applications above that you can use to make daily notes, but evernote can also be tried. This is none other than because the application software called Evernote has many advantages when compared to the others. Not only free, but this diary maker software also has a lot of features in it.

Later in this diary maker application you can add various kinds of files. Because, Evernote supports various types of files, be it image data, audio, video, pdf, and so on. Interestingly, it turns out that this software application called evernote has been integrated with Zapier, Google Calendar, IFTTT, and many more for sure.

4. Idaily Diary Application Software

Finally, you can use a software application called ideally diary to make daily notes. Where later you don’t have to need sheets of paper to make notes. Because only through this idaily diary software application you can make notes every day.

Like a paper street journal, this daily diary also provides password protection and even encryption which is certainly much more secure later. If you want to share your notes online, then export them in HTML format. That way you can share all of your notes on your blog or website, of course. Even this daily diary application is available in various languages ​​as well.