SAF-T signature and sending

Softhis SAF-T

The module is provided with the qualified signature functionality – using the solution provided by Krajowa Izba Rozliczeniowa (KIR) [National Clearing House]. If the person entitled to sign the SAF-T uses a solution of a different provider, it will be necessary to download the files onto a local computer, sign them with the available solution and upload the signed versions back into the system.

The procedure of sending the files to the interfaces provided by the Ministry of Finance will be carried out in compliance with all procedures required by the Ministry. Upon selecting the files to be transferred, a task will be created for packing, encrypting and sending the files to the Ministry. Upon its completion, the system will generate a report on the operations performed.


  • Certifying files with a qualified signature,
  • sending the prepared XML files to the Ministry of Finance,
  • receiving and storing UrzÄ™dowe Potwierdzenie Odbioru (UPO) [the Official Acknowledgement of Receipt]
  • encrypting data,
  • loading XLSX files that are stored in the existing information systems,
  • generating reports on the XML file transfer.
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