SAF-T Generator

Softhis SAF-T

The module begins its work by downloading input data. In the next stages, it conducts an integrity control and a control of the correct reading of the downloaded data, and then generates an output XML file.
An important element of the system's work is verifying the integrity of the supplied data. The system checks whether the data connects correctly, creating subsequent elements. Verifying whether the listed items on invoices add up to the final sum, may be an example.
The last element of the process is generating a report concerning the conducted works. The report includes key information needed in order to verify whether all of the entered data has been correctly processed.

  • Generating output XML files,
  • control of input data integrity,
  • verification of the correctness of the checksums of the input data,
  • creating reports basing on the generated XML files, in order to control the,
  • correctness of the entire process of creating the SAF-T file.


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