Case study - new meaning of e-signature

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  • Klient Autenti
  • Charasteristics Activiti - business process engine, integration with GoogleDrive and Microsoft OneDrive, algorythm AES, SSL, push notifications.
  • Done September 2014

Cooperation effciency is one of the most importing trends in business. This is the reason why software house Softhis developed for its client an internet platform for documents authorization and online agreements


What did we offer? gather companies and business users which are a part of making agreements process. Platform allows to create and send immediately documents to outside users, meanwhile making document flow inside a company. Autenti in addition to the standard situation, where agreements are signed between different companies, allows you to define your own process (es) to contract. With each type of document may be associated different control of flow and information.

The platform can support the agreement, declaration of intent, receipt, minutes or notes from the meeting. Automation in this case is to bring savings in time and eliminate the cost of delay arising from sending documents by post or courier.

Production and implementation

Autenti consists of modules, each of which is responsible for a different part of the process of signing and workflow. They are i.e.:

  • e-signature – signing documents electronically using a variety of methods available,
  • e-summary – visualization of signatures submitted by the user,
  • integrations – Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive,
  • digital verifier – verification of document signature and verify its integrity.

See basic benefits from using

  • SPEED - authorize documents and sign a contracts with an Internet connection speed. With you can handle easily the necessary paperwork. In any place and time authorize or sign the documents on the platform. No matter where you are, at work, at home or on the road. You have constant access to documents.
  • COMFORT - only one account, and so many uses. Open an account that can be used for private and professional. Leading several initiatives you can switch between identities and thus authenticate the documents from different partners. You use a simplified login routine to register your account (Google, Microsoft, Facebook). Then, attaching the relevant files and send them to interested parties. At the same time, you can send them to multiple pages simultaneously. Archives are hidden on Autenti or passing them to external drives.
  • CERTAINTY - random one will not come into possession of your contracts. The user selects the sides of the process and people who have to authorize, initialed or signed documents. Thanks to the tools used Autenti ensures that folding the platform's signature comes from the fact indicated by the person. You also get the trusted certificate in the form of an electronic stamp and a detailed e-extract factual and legal. Importantly, concluded in this way contracts are legally binding throughout the European Union.
  • SECURITY - safety and security of your data is a top priority. No one without your knowledge, even we do not have access to any documents that are encrypted using 256-bit key and safely archived on your chosen media. The platform uses a SSL certificate that encrypts data sent electronically between the server and the user, and prevents the interception of sensitive information. In the case of mobile devices, we give you the option to use additional PIN.
  • SAVING - You can forget about printing and scanning documents, queuing at the post office and courier visits. Already in the first days of use of the platform Autenti observe significant savings in your company. Stop to buy a large number of postal stamps, ordered extra ream of paper, you'll be less likely to use postal and courier services.
  • AUTOMATION - notes, petitions, resolutions, agreements and dozens of other types of documents can be used on the platform Autenti in an extremely comfortable and fully automated manner. Autenti provides you with automated document flow between the companies you work with and within the organization, which alone represent. Create and save on the platform of the content of contracts, financial records, personnel, resolutions, and even notes from meetings. If you need to, use of ready-made templates. Send documents to multiple pages at a time. With your activity on the platform Autenti certainly pleased the staff of the departments: legal, administration, accounting, finance, sales and human resources.

Autenti puts on open cooperation - suppliers of components for the platform are Certum - General Certification Unizeto and the National Clearing House. Expenditures in the project amounts to 3 million PLN, and this is just the beginning of the investment in the platform that will consistently get new improvements. The implementation of platform Autenti was supported with funds from the European Union.

Client's opinion

Softhis created for Autenti Ltd. comprehensive IT solution - a platform to authenticate documents and conclude contracts on the Internet.

Grzegorz Wójcik

CEO, Autenti

The contractor was responsible for the functional and technical analysis, feasibility study, architecture and algorithms, integration with BPM process engine and electronic signature mechanisms. The project also included development of web platform, mobile applications (iOS, Android) and also implementation of the system made on a secure, private cloud computing. Experience of working together on a project allows us to recommend Softhis as a reliable and professional partner in the field of custom software implementations, systems integration and IT consultancy."

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