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Web development does not have to be complicated and costly. In addition, a beautiful, simple and functional site in can fully meet business needs. is websites wizard, through which anyone can build own website without any programming! This application is available online and requires no installation - just log in and get your stuff online.

How does it work?

Pages Editor has been prepared with the user in mind - it is pleasant and easy to use. While process of creating, you need only click and drag the appropriate functions and finished elements - it's like playing with blocks! In you have complete control over every element of your page. You can change what you want, when you want.

Prepared pages consist of components and applications, the number of which is completely optional - you use those that best suit your needs. You have eg. text, photo gallery, map, video and numerous applications such as blog and guestbook. All components and applications that you can change and give them their own appearance. This way, your site will be unique and functional.

Templates and patterns

For users who also do not want to use the services of external graphic designers, is equipped with a continuously updated templates that you can use for your own site. However, you still can make changes in these graphic templates, with no limits, as well as use a library of ready to use images. Another element of the application are patterns, which are built of ready to use pages that contain templates, components and applications - you need just change the content according to your needs.


To take full advantage of opportunities offered by the Internet, we have prepared a number of integrations with popular social platforms. i.e. YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, etc.

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