Case study

Woblink changes e-book market

  • On-line
  • Client Open Publishing House
  • Integrations AppStore, Facebook, Adobe Content Server, autorski system DRM.
  • Finished May 2011

Open Publishing House decided to revolutionize Polish reading market, by means of the newest technologies. The real challenge was to create a complex, multiplatform solution, enabling Woblink to function as well on PCs as mobile devices.

What did we offer?

It was a big challenge. Until now, there was no such a complicated system on Polish market, one that would enable to transfer all requirements of today’s reading on mobile and stationary devices. The success of Woblink depended mainly on its functionality, safety and user-friendly interface.

Production and implementation

The cooperation of Open Publishing House and Softhis team resulted in advanced system which supports server, portal, mobile devices based on iOs and Android, as well as PC computers. It succeed in connecting with each other all popular e-book readers. No matter what type of device we are using- we can easily register and manage our account. All users can buy e-books and create their own virtual shelves with favorite positions. If we are not sure, which book we want to buy, Woblik provides us not only with its full description but also interesting extracts.

WWW service, which is a part of the whole system, offers multiple social functionalities enabling communication with other users. You can observe their shelves, co-create topic groups, participate in discussions, inform about recently read book and comment. All books are gathered in folders sorted according to one’s own preferences.

Index of publishing houses and information about authors, prepared by Open Publishing House team, serves as vademecum for readers. To facilitate searching and choosing books, all of them were gathered in folders, which can be sorted by particular values. We can easily find exactly what we need - every single time.

From technological point of view, the real challenge was to secure the entire system, because of the big variety of devices and platforms. That is why Softhis company decided to prepare its own way of protecting digital materials, which since the system’s launch, perfectly defends it from various attack and content copying.

Woblink creates a coherent whole, enabling users to read their favorite books on the mobile devices and PC’s. Number of facilities and good quality

Client’s opinion

More than one and a half year’s cooperation with Softhis company resulted in creation of Woblink platform.

Mateusz Tobiczyk

Director of Development

As in the good movie, this cooperation abounded in difficult moments, twists of action and struggle with adversities dictated by fast-developing market.
Ultimately, however, with the involvement of teams working on this project, we managed to transform thousand of lines of code into innovative and friendly system, which allows to enjoy e-reading on various devices and systems, and Woblink became one of the most popular e-book platform in Poland."

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