Case study

Softhis SAF-T, Signature and Sending Module for PKP CARGO S.A.

Softhis crafted for PKP CARGO S.A. Signature and Sending Module of SAF-T together with an option of validation its correctness.

What did we offer?

Automation of all processes of collecting and transferring data to the Tax Office makes controls are easier and faster. Fast data processing is possible with XML format that is the basis for SAF-T. System that runs for PKP CARGO S.A. must be able to send a file JPK_VAT.xml to the interfaces of Ministry of Finance. The system should also allow the signature and sending service. An additional option is also possible to validate an XML file with the Walidator JPK.

Production and implementation

The module is provided with the qualified signature functionality – using the solution provided by Krajowa Izba Rozliczeniowa (KIR) [National Clearing House]. The procedure of sending the files to the interfaces provided by the Ministry of Finance will be carried out in compliance with all procedures required by the Ministry. Upon selecting the files to be transferred, a task will be created for packing, encrypting and sending the files to the Ministry. Walidator JPK validates data included in SAF-T. It provides a report showing errors in the the file.

Main functionalities of Signature and Sending Module crafted for PKP CARGO S.A.

  • loading XML files
  • data encryption
  • confirmation of qualified signature files
  • sending file to the Ministry of Finance
  • reception and storage Official Confirmation Receipt (UPO)

Main functionalities of Walidator JPK prepared for PKP CARGO S.A.

  • checking the correctness of SAF-T with the guidelines of the Ministry of Finance,
  • monitoring of the fields that depend on each other, and not covered by the guidelines MF,
  • monitoring of consistency of data contained in the file,
  • reporting errors for the uploaded files.

PKP CARGO SA succeeded with usage of Softhis SAF-T, Signature and Sending Module.





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