Case study

Complex for Llentab Group

  • Client Llentab Group
  • Integrations Production process management system
  • Finished January 2009

Construction and manufacturing companies operating in many countries need an effective management- from design work to accounting. It was no different in Llentab Group, one of the biggest manufactures and contractors of steel buildings in Europe.

What did we offer?

Complexity of activities at Llentab Group meant that even the most advanced commercial systems were not able to meet its demands. That is why the project required very individual approach. With this assumption Softhis began work on complex, dedicated tool, which can actually affect and improve everyday work of each Llentab Group employee.

Production and implementation

Formalization of business procedures, organizing flow of documents and information was a significant system’s element. IT solution, integrated with an existing IT environment includes the company’s clue sectors:
• sales,
• design,
• production,
• assembly,
• logistic,
• finance,
• dedicated module for creating interactive assembly and design schedules.

Works on advanced system, which Llentab ‘s been using since 2009 lasted 10 months. Looking at the size of the enterprise we can say that the project was created in rapid pace, maintaining user-friendly environment with respect to functionality and visual effect.

Client's opinion

Softhis has prepared for Llentabhallen It system which improve and control information flow, design and assembly planning.

Michał Szpilewski


Since that moment, collaboratively with Softhis, we are developing the system, making it more functional and helpful. Implementing this new managing tool, improved our information flow control, making it easier and helped to regulate our activities.

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