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Online bookstore

  • On-line check on-line
  • Client Literal Publishing House
  • Integrations Online bookstore system
  • Finished June 2011

Online shopping becomes more and more popular. Mainly for convenience, time and money saving. Since this tendency appears also on book market, publishing houses hurry to launch their own e-shops.

What did we offer?

Friendly interface and easy management of every system’s element- these are the guidelines of management system prepared for Literary Publishing House by Softhis company. In addition to basic information about company, books and events, the system with WWW service allows the effective conduct of promotional activities.

Production and implementation

Viewing offer is incredibly easy and intuitive. By choosing a particular position, the user receives access to book’s description, price, size, number of pages, information about author and suggested titles, which are proposed on the basis of other customer’s purchases. Moreover, before we decide to buy a book, we can read its excerpt or list of content online. Additionally users are provided with various multimedia materials and reviews, which often serve as a good tip for those seeking a new literary experiences. All books, available for sale, can be sorted according to user’s needs, Polish or original title, author or ISBN can help in finding the right position. For convenience, in addition to standard search, the user can choose the advanced searching option.

The solution include few functionalities, which are helpful for creating social network, e.g. calendar of meetings with book’s authors, voting for best books, building charts, list of wishes – what readers actually want to buy and integration with popular social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. To improve knowledge about readers needs, system allow to make online surveys.

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