Case study

Softhis Workflow for BMW Group Poland

Softhis has crafted for the BMW Group Poland bespoke software, that automating workflow of sales information of cars in Poland. New software optimizes the flow of information between the BMW Group Poland, and the dealers throughout the country.

What did we offer?

The first stage of work on the system was to analyze the already functioning solution and make specification of new requirements to support work in the BMW Group Poland. The proposed changes included the construction of a system that will accelerate the flow of information about the sale of cars in Poland. Basing on the processed data, system allows to control the BMW Group Poland headquarters the whole sales processes.

Production and implementation

New software has been designed and implemented strictly according to customer's guidelines. Bespoke application, Softhis Workflow is based on an optimized and systematic flow of information between dealers throughout the country and headquarters of BMW.

Work on the whole project, the design and implementation of the new dedicated software Softhis Workflow for BMW Group Poland is an example of excellent cooperation between the Softhis team and the customer.




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