Case study – e-learning for high school graduates

  • On-line
  • Client Wydawnictwo Szkolne i Pedagogiczne
  • Charasteristics integration with WSiP account system (single sign-on), MySQL, MongoDB, social media, Tincan Api and SCORM.
  • Done September 2014 is an internet platform which contains 7 training courses of 5 subjects: mathematics, Polish, biology, chemistry and geography. Key subjects (Polish and mathematics) was prepared for two levels of education (basic, advanced) and other subjects are available in advanced mode.

What did we offer?

Major challenge put to resolve were number of learning materials, ease to use them, in particular to mathematics or chemistry, as well as adjusting the application to requirements of mobile devices users.

The basic premise for each course is to allow the user full ease in the use of the modules forming it. User within the individualization of teaching decides how and in what sequence uses the materials of the course, according to preference. This provides better control over the progress of work, increases responsibility for self-education and motivation to plan work schedule. Less advanced graduates will receive a hint, how and in what order to go through the course.

Production and implementation

To achieve this Softhis created content player component learners served in SCORM format. Learning outcomes are written in the international standard Tincan Api, algorithms have been optimized content delivery learners and fully responsive interface allows easy use of resources on mobile devices. has been integrated with the recently delivered by Softhis, bespoke WSiP system account, used to authenticate and authorize users of all web services WSiP (single sign-on).

Each course contains materials not only for self-learning, but also to diagnose the level of preparation for final exam based on the interactive elements of the system. The platform of courses takes into account both the specificity of the user and the pedagogical aspects. To use the platform was even more interesting, going through the course incorporates the principles of gamification.

Platform introduction in Polish

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