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Softhis Workflow

Pursuant to current principles and practices, business process management should be based on the process model. Such an approach makes it possible to define subsequent actions in the company, optimise them, and track execution of particular elements. Activity understood in such a way and supported by high-range process management software guarantees optimum use of resources and simultaneously reduces operation cost.

Document flow

Efficient document flow management ensures reduction in the cost of business expenses and makes business processes in the company more productive. Softhis technology allows the user to build complex organisation structure in an orderly manner. This makes it possible to manage companies that have branches scattered in various parts of the world. Structured document flow management procedures produce very good effects.

Softhis Workflow means fully mobile access to documents and decision making processes via the Internet (a responsive interface) but also via a dedicated mobile application for a smartphone. Wherever your company has a complex multi-stage decision making process, Softhis Workflow is the perfect tool that speeds action up and increases efficiency.
An important advantage is its ease of use for end users, which results from the application of principles and good practices concerning usability and user experience. The platform may be implemented on the SaaS (software as a service) basis or an independent system that operates on the client’s own servers.
The IT solution offered by Softhis makes it possible to automate processes within a corporation and manage document flow efficiently. Optimisation of work includes preparation of electronic documents instead of paper ones, information exchange automation, quick access to necessary data, full control of procedures.

Business process automation is the key need of companies with complex decision making structures. Softhis Workflow is a product that allows the user to manage decision making processes in an organisation and the document flow easily.
Business process integration makes monitoring, problem diagnostics and decision making more efficient. Its flexibility makes it a product for large and medium businesses where the corporate structure or the nature of services provided by a company require significantly more complex business procedures and decision making processes.
The application connects users who take part in a business process. It makes it possible to prepare and send agreements to external recipients quickly and simultaneously facilitates document flow within the company. Information and decision exchange automation guarantees time savings, better control, and elimination of costs.

Softhis Workflow features:

  • an intuitive workflow creator for decisions and documents that allows the user to define any decision making stages, their sequence, and requirements at any stage,
  • unrestrained number of stages and participants in processes,
  • initials and signatures,
  • decision processes and agreement conclusion management,
  • certificates for participants in business processes,
  • electronic signature.
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