3 stycznia 2017

Softhis signed contract for the support and development of an information system Softhis Workflow for BMW VERTRIEBS GMBH

Last time we informed about the implementation of our system Softhis Workflow for BMW VERTRIEBS GMBH. New software automates flow of information relating to the sale of cars in Poland. We are pleased that our software fulfilled the expectations of the client and resulted in the signing of a contract for the maintenance and development of the system.

The system has been designed and implemented strictly according to the customer’s guidelines. Bespoke application, Softhis Workflow is based on an optimized and systematic flow of information between dealers throughout the country and headquarters of BMW VERTRIEBS GMBH.

The scope of the contract includes a full service information technology system Softhis workflow or support users, taking care of the software, as well as active participation in the planning and modernization of the architecture of the BMW VERTRIEBS GMBH.