21 listopada 2013

KARNET – new mobile project from Softhis

Cooperation of Softhis and Cracow Festival Office resulted in the start of new, mobile website as well as iOS/Android application, which puts majority of most interesting Cracow’s cultural events onto mobile devices screens.

New project was developed for those users, who most of their daytime spend outside – at work, university, school or while doing other daily routines. KARNET, known initially as month periodical issued by Cracow Festival Office and cultural website, on mobile devices with light and user friendly interface is a search engine and planning tool for all wonderful events hanged out with family, soul mates or friends.

With your smartphone or tablet or other mobile devices you can search and arrange data chronologically or with chosen criteria. Every event is fitted with precise description, graphics and intuitive interactive map, based on geolocalization will lead you to place or event you want to get. KARNET is also a social tool – with several steps you can easily share your plans with your friends and simply invite them to join.

Softhis is responsible for mobile website and application development as well as graphics and interface usability.

Take off for a while and see this project:

Mobile site     Google Play     Apple App Store