23 września 2014 – groundbreaking platform for documents authorization and online agreements

Cooperation effciency is one of the most importing trends in business. This is the reason why software house Softhis developed for its client an internet platform Behind the idea stands Grzegorz Wójcik - cofounder of INTERIA.PL, PBI,, currently responsible for technological development of Allegro Group in Europe. Also in the project are involved Tomasz Plata (CMO) and Łukasz Rzepecki (Vicepresident, CIO). gather companies and business users which are a part of making agreements process. Platform allows to create and send immediately documents to outside users, meanwhile making document flow inside a company. Autenti in addition to the standard situation, where agreements are signed between different companies, allows you to define your own process (es) to contract. With each type of document may be associated different control of flow and information.

The platform can support the agreement, declaration of intent, receipt, minutes or notes from the meeting. Automation in this case is to bring savings in time and eliminate the cost of delay arising from sending documents by post or courier.

Autenti consists of modules, each of which is responsible for a different part of the process of signing and workflow, i.e.:

  • e-signature – signing documents electronically using a variety of methods available,
  • e-summary – visualization of signatures submitted by the user,
  • integrations – Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive,
  • digital verifier – verification of document signature and verify its integrity.

Softhis as the project contractor is responsible for developing the architecture, applications and web pages layout, code development, implementation and mobile applications for iOS and Android. In addition Softhis will be in responsible for dedicated implementations of

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